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The Vintage Kit - Photoshop Brushes

 The Vintage Kit - Photoshop Brushes 120760

The Vintage Kit - Photoshop Brushes This set of high quality brushes is perfect for projects that you need to add some gritt for texture or to give your artwork an authentic vintage look. The kit has 44 brushes that include large texture brushes, paper folds and edging brushes as well as some stipple, noise and grit brushes that have been set up perfect so there is no repetitiveness in the brush strokes. The example in the video demo took just 8 mins to complete, these brushes give you the ability to achieve realistic results in just minutes with full control over how much grit you are happy with. Before this kit was released I asked the brilliantly talented Christi Du Toit to test them out (see images) and give his thoughts on the kit...

700+ Photoshop Gradients Collection

700+ Photoshop Gradients Collection

Photoshop GRD | 7 GRD | 10.8 MB

Dip Pen for Procreate App

Dip Pen for Procreate App 1195801

This brush imitates a dip pen with your well known ink. I edited it to a fully functional Procreate brush. This brush is pressure sensitive and draws you a realistic pen look. With the download you get a .zip folder. In this folder there is the brush and a short installation guide. Have fun. Attention: The brush is only for the procreate app on an iPadPro

Marker Illustrator Brushes

Marker Illustrator Brushes 1196327

MARKER Illustrator Brushes Works with Adobe Illustrator CS 3+ (OPEN IMAGE TO SEE MORE SAMPLES) This professional Illustrator brush pack contains 25 high quality digital marker brushes intended for professional designers, illustrators and artists.

Best Watercolor Brushes  Procreate

Best Watercolor Brushes — Procreate 1393456

There are some beautiful watercolor brushes available for Procreate on the iPad Pro, but a lot of them just weren't cutting it for us. The "feel" of pushing pigment into the tooth of the paper is a very specific, visceral thing. We knew it must be possible to go a step further, so we did.

200 Designer Brushes for Photoshop

200 Designer Brushes for Photoshop

200 Designer Brushes for Photoshop 1435222

Refine your designs with this brush set of 200 creative brushes and be surprised by the unexpected results. Your digital artworks will instantly get that artistic touch. Double-click on the .abr file to automatically add the brushes to the Brush Presets panel in Photoshop. Or permanently install the brushes by copying the .abr file inside the "Brushes" folder of Photoshop. All brushes are saved as PNG files for preview purpose. The PNG files can also be used as design elements if you don't want to load the ABR file into Photoshop.

7k Photoshop Brush Pack

7k Photoshop Brush Pack

Photoshop ABR | 85 Brushes | 13 MB



Procreate Color Swatches: 22 Palettes for Painting and Drawing

Procreate Color Swatches: 22 Palettes for Painting and Drawing

22 .swatches files | 6 MB

Rosie - Procreate Lettering Brush

Rosie - Procreate Lettering Brush 1196825

Introducing Rosie, a delicately textured Procreate brush! This brush is created from textures and source images I have created myself so you receive a brush that is completely different from those offered in the Procreate app. REQUIREMENTS Procreate, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil or other pressure-sensitive stylus

Irvington High Vector Brushes

Irvington High Vector Brushes 1208521

A Mixed Bag of Weird and Useful Illustrator Brushes for Illustrators and Designers 2:00 AM on a Sunday night. I'm working on the latest brush pack for you guys and an old song from high school pops on my Apple Music subscription (It's a Shame About Ray by The Lemonheads). I started thinking about my high school stuff. My first beater car, doodling in notebooks, going on weekend adventures with my friends Gabe and Melissa. In that spirit, I decided to make a brush pack a tribute to high school nostalgia.