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Nitty Gritty Procreate Brushes

Nitty Gritty Procreate Brushes 1470663

The Nitty Gritty brush set is great for adding some fine grit texture to your designs inside of the Procreate app.


Lens Flares Procreate Brushes

Lens Flares Procreate Brushes 1523216

A set of 20 handmade lens flares & lights effects brushes for Procreate. They work great for space/sci-fi digital art, or for adding special lights effects to your artworks. Don't hesitate to test blending modes & colors to get interesting results! These brushes can also be combined for custom lighting effects. Most of them are stamp brushes (indicated in each brush name); which means they are meant to be used by just "stamping"/placing one brush at a time where you want (not by dragging the stylus like when using a painting brush, for example). Others, like starfield brushes, can be used like regular brushes.


Procreate Paint Box Two

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Procreate Paint Box Two

 Procreate Paint Box Two 1543878

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Fuel Station | Vector Grime Brushes

Fuel Station | Vector Grime Brushes 1243339

Is Your Vector Work Too Clean? Out-of-the-box Adobe Illustrator pretty much just let's you create work with super-sanitized perfectly clean lines. But what about when you need your work to look like it was created with a cheap, ink pen, that's been melted with a lighter and ran over by a steam roller? Then you have two options: Option A. Grab a bunch of old inky, grimy materials and start experimenting with ink textures, scanning them, cleaning them up in Photoshop, converting them into vectors, and making them into Illustrator brushes (and hoping they look right).

Procreate Brush Box Vol 6

Procreate Brush Box Vol 6 1541988

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Halftone Photoshop Brush Pack of 20

Halftone Photoshop Brush Pack of 20 1514675


Water color Photoshop Brush Set-5

Water color Photoshop Brush Set-5 1514601

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22 Smoke and Fire Brushes

 22 Smoke and Fire Brushes 1479349

22 high resolution photoshop brushes. The package includes styles which can be used to create a nice fire effect with the brushes.

50 Subtle Background Gradients (CSS)

50 Subtle Background Gradients (CSS)

The background that you choose for your designs can set the entire mood of the work. Neutral color backgrounds have always been a popular choice for this reason. This pack contains 50 backgrounds supplied as gradient presets (.grd) for Photoshop. You will be able to quickly flick through various light pastel shade backgrounds that adapt to any size document size and have very subtle color changes. All you have to do is choose the one that perfectly suites your design! To install, download and unzip the file. Then double click on the .grd file and it will automatically load into Photoshop and will be accessible in your gradients panel under the paint bucket tool. All 50 gradients are also now included as CSS styles for quick and easy use on the web. To use them, just include the .css file in the <head> tags of your HTML document, then use the class 'subtle-gradient-x' (where x = a number from 1 - 50) on any element, OR copy and paste the code directly from the .css file.

Deal - 420 FX & Image Enhancing grd

Deal - 420 FX & Image Enhancing grd 1255955

So basically you get 420 Photoshop gradients for creating all sorts of crazy effects and enhancing your images as per your needs. If you would buy all these products separately you will have to pay $24. Now, for a limited amount of time, you can buy all of them for only $15, so you end up saving $9.